Compare Estimates


This XSL is designed for regressions testing of estimates.

For example, when a new version of estimating is installed in QA, the majority of the XML can be compared with the last ouptut from Live


The XSL is installed as a regular XSL and will locate an estimate XML with the same name in a folder specified by $master_path. (If comparing a new version in QA with an existing version in Live, intall the XSL in QA and set $master_path to the Live XML location (e.g. "\\server\TechniqueXML$")

The master version (from previous the version of estimating) will be compared with the version generated in the new version of estimating and major differences will be highighted

If the environment to test against is the same environment where the update will be installed, make a copy of the XML folder (e.g. XML5.0.0.23)

Enter the absolute or relative path (from the XSL) to this directory in the $master_path variable (e.g. "../XML5.0.0.23" or "\\server\TechniqueXML$").

The XSL will determine the file name (as QUO_[EnquiryNo]_[RevisionNo]_[VersionNo].xml) and will look for a matching file in $master_path


  1. Ideally, you should have a selection of "test" estimates that represent a good cross-section of the types of estimates that you create. (These can be live jobs as they are just used for comparison.)
  2. Before any upgrade to estimating, run Live2QA (if this is not installed, ask your project manager to have it installed). This allows the new version to be tested against an exact copy of your live data without affecting live.
  3. Have the update installed in QA
  4. Create a quote or workings XML with this XSL selected and examine the results (looking for shaded items)

Sample Output

Coming soon!


CompareEstimates.xsl by Anderson Integrations LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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