SQL Development

Mark has several years experience of SQL development:

Adding Custom (Site-wide) Application Settings

Quite often site-wide variables are required for reporting, custom integrations, or other purposes (e.g. Freight markups). (Customer-specific settings can be stored in the CRM custom fields.)

These often get hard-coded in reports and stored procedures. A better practice is to create a custom table for maintaining these in a single location, so that dozens of stored procedures or reports don’t need to be changed when a value changes. That said, this method is also limited, as it requires the user who maintains these to have access to SQL Server Management Studio (or some other UI). For example, the CFO (FD) wants to be able to control the freight markup without going to IT to change it.

In Technique, it’s fairly simple to add a set of custom settings that can be edited through InfoConsole. This involves creating a dummy app (whose ID must be less than 150) and then adding settings. The result is a set of app settings specific to a site.

Below is an example (click for larger view):

custom app settings

For further details download this PDF